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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Night weaning... again

I wrote this in the wee hours of the morning today:

Ugh. It is 5:18 a.m. Annika has just fallen back to sleep after awaking at 3:30.

Our successful night weaning was not just derailed, but has become a major pileup with what seems like a lot of fatalities by a damn cold.

After night weaning last month, Annika was still waking up a lot of nights, but nodding right back off with a drink of water and some cuddles.

Some nights she didn't wake at all.

Then, bam! A friggin' cold ruined it all for me.

I wasn't going to deny her request for nursing on nights when she didn't feel good. So, I let her nurse. It was particularly important on the night when she went to bed with a fever.

Tonight I let her nurse when she woke up at 1:30. But dammit, when she woke up again at 3:30. I was firm.

It was a complete repeat of the first night of night weaning a month ago.

Blood curdling screams turned into requests for "food" and "poop" (a diaper change).

Yogurt and cantaloupe were turned down and requests for (watching) Elmo and Ernie were denied in between shuddering breaths.

After about an hour, she finally settled down while I hummed and distracted her with a game of Freecell on my iPod touch.

As she drifted off, she murmured, "yogurt, campote (cantaloupe), meat."

Damn, the poor kid is just hungry. Come to think of it, so am I.


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