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Saturday, August 29, 2009

It looks like this is going to be harder than I thought

Day eight of weaning from the human pacifier.

I made a major boo boo last night. I was the one who backslid this time. Consistency is key when trying to institute a new standard, especially when one is dealing with an almost-16-month-old who is not at all happy about the new rule. And I was not consistent last night. I pulled a fast one on Annika, which was not cool at all.

Last night Annika fell asleep on my chest nursing while I watched TV. I managed to pull her off my breast without waking her. Toyin had gone out for a rare evening to meet some friends in from out of town and I was feeling very put upon, even though he totally deserved to go out and have some fun. So I decided to keep her on my chest and continue to watch a Reba marathon. Seriously, I know, it's Reba McEntire as a divorced mom, whose adult children still live with her, and her ex-husband his ditzy wife live nearby and are always popping in and out. Sometimes I think I must have a short in my brain, but when I am tired and cranky really stupid TV shows are like crack to me.

So anyway, Annika woke up an hour later and stayed up for another hour and a half. Apparently, she wanted to watch Reba too.

When I finally took her to bed, I fell asleep and slept through the suckling. And so, two hours later, I awoke to find her on my breast still.

"Uh oh," as Annika says now.

I tried to unlatch her and she demanded more nursing. So I let her nurse.

Then, I fell asleep, again!

Two more hours later I awoke and unlatched again.

There were some tears, and I nursed her back to sleep, finally managing to stay awake so I could unlatch her.

Well, at least I'm sleeping again.

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